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One of the great aspects of working with Jungle Canopy, is the fact that everyone involved with each caravan, is a critical part of an individual project. Every one of our caravans is delivered directly to a refugee family in the Jungle. Whatever part you play in the provision of one of those caravans, you can see the end result; a family has a temporary home.

We need volunteer drivers to help us deliver caravans into the Calais Jungle. We have staging areas in Folkestone and Essex, where donated caravans are prepared and made safe. We clean, remove gas fittings, fit locks (inside and out) and equip with bedding.

Finding people to drag the caravans from the staging areas into the Jungle, is actually the easiest part of the task; there are always plenty of people making the Channel crossing.

The most difficult challenge we face, is getting the caravans across the UK, from the donor to the staging area. Caravans tend to be located in the most beautiful parts of the country…and those tend to be the most inconvenient (think Scotland, Wales, Cornwall…). We really need drivers who are prepared to play their part in a relay team, who will shuttle a caravan for an hour or so, down the motorway, for the next volunteer to take over.

Our funds are tight; we want to spend every penny we can on direct aid for refugees. If you can self-fund, that’s fantastic; if you need help with fuel costs, just let us know (obviously, we’ll prioritise self-funding drivers). If you do need us to chip in for fuel, please don’t allow that to deter you from volunteering; a couple of hours of your time (and your tow-bar) is valuable stuff.

We’ll provide you with a safety check-list and any advice you need.

So…you have a tow-bar and the will to help?

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