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Would you like to change a family’s life?

Do you have a caravan you would like to donate to a refugee family in the Calais Jungle?

Firstly… THANK YOU!

Caravans are so welcome in the Jungle. They’re not actually as warm as an insulated wooden shelter, but they are always preferred by refugees. We believe that this is because they’re so clearly a “home”. They have windows, curtains, beds, cupboards…

If you have made the journey across Europe, from the Middle East, or Eastern Africa, then a caravan offers you the first real “home” you have had for many months. Imagining spending all those weeks travelling; abandoning everything familiar, running from war or persecution, often seeing friends or families die along the way, constantly concerned about your children, uncertain about your future and having lost all the possessions you could not carry…and then being offered a temporary home, in a community. Donating a caravan changes lives.

When allocating caravans, we prioritise families with young children. After that, we target the vulnerable (elderly, sick or injured people, women, unaccompanied minors).

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Every caravan we deliver, is allocated directly to a refugee family. We do not sell caravans to raise funds for other projects. We do not provide caravans to volunteers.

(NB: Providing accommodation for long term volunteers is an important function, but that valuable service is addressed by other organisations. We are all about caravans for refugees. If you wish to donate a caravan to be sold, or to be used by volunteers, we can hook you up with an operation which will help you)

So…would you like to donate a caravan to a refugee family?

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