Fund a Home for a Refugee Family

By 30/01/2016
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Refugee Family

It costs us up to £500 to provide a caravan for a refugee family in Calais. Often, the caravan is generously provided free of charge. Many drivers kindly fund their own fuel and ferry/Eurotunnel crossings, but occasionally we do have to buy a caravan (we’re always on the lookout for a bargain!). We occasionally have to contribute to fuel or crossing costs. Dragging ageing caravans around the country also inevitably means time spent on the hard shoulder, miserably contemplating yet another shredded tyre…

Many people find it fun to get together a small group, through work, friends, family, local communities or supportive grassroots organisations and crowdfund to sponsor a caravan. Many caravans have gone into the Jungle this way and we have plenty of fundraising ideas if you need them.

But please, any donation is helpful and be assured that for every £1 we receive, £1 will go directly to housing refugees in the Calais Jungle.

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