Who Are Jungle Canopy?

Jungle Canopy consists of a core team of volunteers from a wide range of backgrounds, stretching from the North Highlands of Scotland to the South Coast of England. Our diversity, range of skills and experience is our strength. Members include those from the fields of accountancy, ex-armed forces, ex-police, public health, senior management, business, community development, veterinary medicine and IT. As well as the core team our operation depends upon a wide range of partners, sponsors and dedicated individuals that includes volunteer drivers, fundraisers and special advisors and contributors.

No member of the Jungle Canopy team receives a salary or any form of financial benefit from the organisation. Every penny donated contributes towards meeting our aims in the provision of humanitarian aid to refugees and migrants.

The organisation’s purposes are:

1 – To provide humanitarian aid to refugees and migrants.
2 – To provide shelters and Caravans to refugees and migrants.
3 – To promote and publicise the needs of refugees and migrants.
4 – To fundraise to meet the humanitarian needs of refugees and migrants directly or in partnership with other agencies
5 – To support and work with other humanitarian aid groups and agencies.

Jungle Canopy is committed to established good practice codes of governance for the voluntary and community sector in the conduct of its business and the meeting of its stated aims. Decision making processes will strive to be accountable and transparent, as well as responsive, equitable & inclusive, effective, efficient and participatory. Jungle Canopy is in the process of forming itself as an ‘Unincorporated Association’ and is working towards establishing Registered Charity status. A core group of trustees and office bearers (chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer) have been appointed with responsibility for governing the organisation, and overseeing and controlling its management. A community bank account with multiple signatories has been established to provide open and transparent financial accountability and management. Annual financial accounts and statements will be audited and published in accordance with established good practice for voluntary organisations. As a new enterprise our governance and ways of working will develop and evolve over time to ensure that we are responsive to changing circumstances and needs.

We need funds!

The deployment of a caravan costs us an average of £400. A weatherproof, insulated wooden shelter costs £500. A communal kitchen, including stove and concrete base, costs £600.

Donate Funds

We need caravans!

If you have one to donate, please complete the form. Every caravan Jungle Canopy delivers to Calais, goes directly to a refugee family. We collaborate with other operations to deliver the most effective aid possible.

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We need drivers!

We need to shuttle caravans between staging points around the country, as well as towing them across the Channel and into the Jungle. You can help make a difference to those in need.

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